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We develop partnerships with leading technologies and solutions providers that enable businesses to create a digitally driven work environment. Our portfolio of solution providers is both experience and an expert in their field, offering Singapore enterprises a future-proof approach to their business.

Our list of Enterprise Solutions encompasses computer hardware, software and managed services designed to boost productivity and efficiency.

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Enterprise Solutions: Cloud payroll & leave management solution including a mobile app for viewing pay slips, IR8A and leave applications.

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Business Banking: Perform transfers and payments to over 180 countries. Payment solution that is tailored to business and operating requirements.

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AII Develop

Digital Marketing: Digital Enablers For All Your Business Needs. Remarkable, fast and secure performance for SEO, PPC, SSM, Web Development.

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Adaptable Integrations

Are you looking for functionality, information, or services that aren’t covered by our current partnerships? Is further integration required to make BusinessGrants.sg work for your organization?

Not an issue – BusinessGrants.sg may work with or assist your team in researching the best solution. Our goal is to make transformation and integration simpler, which includes making it easy to access the information and material your business may need. 

We’ve collaborated with over 30 firms to provide a unified user experience and improve outcomes. Our previous integration experience will add new insights and value for any possible transformation change.


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