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Process Redesign

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We provide a wide range of transformational services and capabilities, and we think boldly about the business processes and concentrate on the areas where a business may achieve the most competitive advantage. In addition, our team of certified management consultants and advisors will objectively analyse the efficiency and efficacy of a business with the deployment and study of key trends, operational foundation information and  data through process discovery.

Our collaborative approach extends beyond the redesign of an organisation’s processes. Our continued effort and work ensure that all essential actions are executed to enable a business to accomplish its objectives.

Business Transformation

What We Do

Service Quality

Reduce time to market by improving accuracy and reducing mistakes.

Cost & Impact

Reduce costs while increasing production capacity.


Reduce on manual tasking and devote more time to greater initiatives.

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    Business Process Redesign

    Our Approach

    Phrase 1

    Preliminary situation appraisal of the existing process structure, following which the scope of the assignment & project is determined.

    Project Scope

    Establish project requirements and expectations.


    Provide and review of project proposal and establish contractual Agreement.

    Phrase 2

    Gathering and analysing the relevant information/ data with reasonable hypotheses. Proposing of solutions along with an implementation roadmap.

    Project Diagnosis

    Research and gather initial information for planning.


    Plan & review, the execution and implementation of action plans

    Phrase 3

    Perform an evaluation and review of the output and outcome of the project. Concluding the project findings and action plans.

    Project Review

    Review of execution of the consultancy processes, the timeline and deliverables achieved.


    Closing meeting with proposal for continual improvement and sustainability.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Business Process Redesign/ Reengineering (BPR)?

    The fundamental restructuring and redesigning of business processes to produce substantial improvements in essential elements such as quality, production, cost, service, and speed is known as business process redesign/ reengineering. Business process reengineering (BPR) attempts to reduce corporate expenses and process redundancy on a massive scale.

    Is Process Redesign Complicated?

    An experienced process redesign consultant will break down a project into various stages, known to be beneficial to the project in two ways. For starters, it establishes clear and attainable goals and feedback points for the team to strive and work towards. Making the project appear to be lot more feasible. Second, it provides a chance for top management to weigh in and provide approval on each step and progress of the project. Furthermore, it also offers an opportunity to comprehend the project's general direction and consequences.

    What is the importance of Business Process Redesign?

    Process Redesign is a massive endeavour that many business executives wonder if it is worth the trouble. Here are the top five advantages of redesigning your business processes:

    • Clarity of Purpose: The majority of Singapore SMEs and organization executives are unable to define and have not documented their operating procedures. The first stage in any successful business redesign implementation is to have a firm grip on the present status of the business processes in order to determine the processes which require automating while taking into consideration primary concerns that may contribute to future costly mistakes.
    • Simplified and Streamlined Operations: At the completion of each project, the business is expected to have a streamlined operation with eliminated redundant procedures (or needless stages in a process) that were previously slowing things down. By doing so, efforts become more focused on corporate goals, employees have a clear route to follow, and consumers are considerably happy with the service they receive.
    • Increased Efficiency: By removing redundancy in business operations and fine-tuning procedures, operations will move more simply and quickly through the process, substantially boosting overall efficiency.
    When to consider Business Process Redesign?

    Before deciding to adopt Business Process Redesign for functional restructuring, consider the following:

    • Who are the clients? What are the values presented to them?
    • Are the existing processes producing the desired results?
    • Is it necessary to rethink or modify the current process and functions?
    • Are the current processes in line with the business long-term mission and objectives?

    Suppose a business recognizes that it is functioning on complacent foundations. In that case, it must either seek for relevant solutions to improve the situation or explore Business Process Redesign for a comprehensive rebuild. 

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    Our testimonials
    Project Pubs & Bar
    Project Pubs & Bar
    Client of Company
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    We were pushed to step beyond the box and encouraged to build on a new approach to ensure we continue to grow in the coming years. The consultation offered us valuable resources, strategy and guidance.
    Project E-commerce
    Project E-commerce
    Client of Company
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    We were impressed with the level of efficiency. The viewpoints provided were enlightening, informative and motivational. We are appreciative for the consultancy work, which led us to a path never explored.
    Project Pest Control
    Project Pest Control
    Client of Company
    Read More
    We are delighted with the newly designed operational processes. The consultation had provided us with different perspectives and viewpoints, which allowed us to explore, produce and co-create alternatives.
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