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In this day and age, every industry has become incredibly competitive, especially in entrepreneurship and business.  Global companies all want to adopt different strategies for the growth of their business. Effective use of technology and unique marketing strategies can help a business catapult itself to the next level. That is why EDG grants can come to your rescue in Singapore. With the help of these grants, a company can grow and move to the next level in terms of success. 

EDG Grants refer to Enterprise Development Grants. As the name suggests, it is supposed to help your business grow further in many ways. Growth cannot be achieved with a single objective in mind, as companies must be flexible and diverse. Is it even possible on your own? You will most likely need the assistance of an EDG consultant to do so.

EDG grants can be described under three pillars which we are going to discuss below:- 

Core Capabilities 

The first kind of projects under EDG grants are supposed to help businesses strengthen their foundations. There are certain aspects of a business that helps it to grow in the market. It can be a particular product line that has clicked well with the audience. Before moving on to the bigger avenues, an organization needs to get the most out of its existing features or product lines. For example, if a company has gotten huge benefits from the sale of shoes then this type of EDG grant is going to help increase the sales even further.

The objective is to strengthen the foundation of a firm. As long as the foothold of a company is strong enough, the rest of the things will fall in place on their own!

Innovation And Productivity 

Under this project of EDG grants, the focus is mainly on innovation and productivity. Innovation is essential to the success of any business.  Though you may be successful in producing one kind of product, it doesn’t mean that things will stay the same for you in the future as well. Things can change over time, and you have to be prepared for such changes. With the help of an EDG consultant, one should focus on increasing innovation in their business practice.

If you can create new prospects for your business efficiently, it will increase the productivity of your business at the same point in time. 

Market Access 

Under an EDG grant, an organization gets funds to increase market access. In this day and age, every business dreams of reaching a huge market. Having an EDG consultant can help to advise you on how to access and use the funds most wisely in order to increase your market share both locally and internationally. 

If you want to apply for EDG grants, you need to be operating in Singapore. As long as you have 30% local shareholding, you won’t have a hard time getting access to these grants! 

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