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Building Business Needs for Tomorrow
Our Corporate Services & Solutions

We serve clients at every level of their organization. Our consultation and advisory focus on business transformation and growth by creating and improving the existing work environment through technologies, innovations, and resource planning. We help our clients, and their organization remain ahead of the competition by rethinking and establishing methodical yet scalable approaches tailored to their business model and industry.
Corporate Consulting

We commit to providing valuable insights and recommendations. We have strong relationships with key players in the market that allow us to obtain actionable intelligence and anticipate key trends.

Grant Consulting

Our certified management consultants will do their best to provide you with sound recommendations to help you grow and scale your business through automation and process redesign.

Project Management

Our professional services have helped companies to complete projects in environments of constant change. Our project management framework aims to reduce cost while increasing efficiency.

Set Out To Greater Heights
While Pursuing Excellence

We will work with you and find deliverable solutions for your organisation. That’s right, Business Grants promise to offer tailor-made solutions for businesses and organisations that are seeking new avenues in their industries. Although the task is undoubtedly difficult, our consultancy will help you in business transformation in Singapore. Our business management consulting team will gather all the information about your organisation, assess it thoroughly, and propose a plan to move forward.

Not only do you receive solid data-driven advice on strategic leadership, but we also help you engrave a robust business model that lasts for years onto your organisation’s skin. Everything from top to bottom will be revamped in a way that best suits your company’s vision. And yes, the task might seem extremely challenging, but with a reliable business consultant in Singapore by your side, changes can be performed in a systematic manner.  Change is necessary for any organisation seeking to grow and evolve in a way the market demands.

So, come to Business Grants and experience the quality of service delivery by our  top business transformation agents and advisors in Singapore!

An Umbrella of Consulting Services

A business will require as much resources it can gather to revamp and reinvest on its existing infrastructure, regardless of the industry. And, Business Grants is here to fulfil all of your company’s needs and requirements so you can finally take your company to where it belongs. 

We bring the complete package when it comes to being a professional business consultant in Singapore. These are the business transformation services that we can provide to our clients in Singapore. Do not hesitate to speak to us today!

Corporate Consulting

We provide range of services such as corporate risk and strategy consulting, business transformation and expansion

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EDG Grant Consulting

As a certified consultant, we assist businesses with their grant requirements such as EDG Grant and MRA Grant

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Expansion Consulting

We analysis target market as a whole and its particular components (competitors, consumers, product, etc.)

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A Better Blueprint
For Your Business!

Undoubtedly, the impact of such a gigantic shift across the board, in all the levels of the organisation, takes time and changes a lot of things in its wake. That’s why your company should hire a consultant firm like Business Grants in Singapore that can draw up a concise plan for your changes. So you, your employees, clients and stakeholders won’t inflict any significant damage or risk while the changes are taking place. Everything will be seamless and almost perfect, all thanks to a business management consultancy firm that knows its ropes. 

And our charges? We have priced every service of ours at a competitive rate, and thus, you don’t have to go to any other business consultant agency in Singapore! So call us now! 


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    Helping Your Organization Realise Its True Potential

    Every organization has a vision of its own, and we are here to help you attain it. We will bridge the gap between your company’s current position and the future that can be, and we are very good at that. You just have to check our track record as a reliable and highly efficient business transformation agency in Singapore! You will love meeting our strategists. They have years of experience providing expert advice to businesses, regardless of its industry, shape and size. 
    With Business Grants orchestrating the organization-wide changes in your company, you will never set a foot wrong. In just a short period of time, you will turn things around in your business operations. So contact us now and hire our business management consulting experts today! 

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    Companies prosper when their people, procedures, and tools are all oriented on the same values and goals. Through cooperation, careful guidance, and up-to-date technical and digital knowledge, our consultants and advisors assist executives throughout the organization in achieving alignment and attaining maximum efficiency.

    Our professional and certified consultants collaborate as a single, integrated global team across regions and industries. We seek to successfully help companies from strategy to execution in every market condition by combining our extensive knowledge and insight.

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